Garden Workshops

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Superior Quality Handmade Garden Workshops

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Garden WorkshopOur Garden Workshops are available as a standard Apex. Framework is 75x50mm planed timbers. The walls are 1990mm to the eaves in height. As standard a 815mm ledged & braced door comes handed to suit you. A row of up to 4 (600x600mm) windows can be fitted along one side. External cladding is 15mm thick Scandinavian Redwood shiplap boarding. The roof and floor are made using 12mm exterior grade Spruce Plywood. The roof is covered with a 40kg heavy duty polyester based felt laid on a bituminuous adhesive for added protection. All sections of the building including the roof and floor are treated inside and out through a dipping process with a light brown solvent based wood preservative. All ironmongery and nails are either galvanised or zinc coated ensuring that they remain rust free.


Our Workshops can be manufactured to any size between 1.8M x 6M in length and 1.2M x 4.5M in width.


In addition to the standard solvent based wood preservative you have an option to further weather protection by choosing a coat of Sadolins Classic Wood Protections in a number of colours to suit your surroundings.