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Other Garden Products

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Garden Store

At Cambridge Timber Buildings we specialize in manufacturing all types of timber garden products. From Garden Stores, Bin Stores, Bicycle Store, Log stores to bird tables and aviaries, we can make a full range of timber products for your garden.

All products are handmade by our craftsmen in our workshop just outside Cambridge and are built to last. Whatever you are looking for, at Cambridge Timber Buildings we would be happy to help.


As a local Cambridgeshire business, we offer our customers an alternative to the big,Log Store mass produced garden shops where our emphasis is on producing superior quality products that are designed to last.

Some of our most popular timber Garden Products we build for our customers throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex include Garden Stores, Bin Stores, Bicycle stores, Dog kennels, Log stores as well as Bird Tables, Aviaries and Field Shelters.

All of our timber Garden Products are constructed using planed timbers and all wood is treated with a solvent based light brown wood preservative to help it stand the test of time.

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for your garden, then at Cambridge Timber Buildings we can help.

We have years of experience producing all types of timber garden buildings and wooden garden accessories. One thing that separates us from most other companies is we are happy to make products that are completely bespoke to your needs. So, if you require something to be made to fit in that spare corner of the garden, then speak to us in person today on 01353 667268 or email us your ideas and we will be happy to help.